Stilgars Map List

To avoid "double" compatibility problems I've decided to give Promods an extra profile.



   Rostock (D)    SCS-Map

   Rusmap 1.74 (1.28)

   Southern Region 6.5 (1.27)

  Russian Open Spaces v4.0 (1.27)
   Kazakhastan 1.01 (x.xx)
   Paris Rebuild 2.1 (1.28)    WIP Project Japan (n. rel.)
  Italy 2.0 (1.27)    SCS DLC confirmed

  Universal Transports

         Promod 2.20 (1.28)     Scandinavia Addon by Chris94_NOR    

  Promod Transportation


  Peterbilt 579
  Short 6x2 Duty Cabin (SCS)

  Kenworth W900
  Short 6x2 Day Cab (SCS)

   Elko (Nevada)
  Atlanta (Georgia)
 Tucson (Arizona)  
   ATS Map  Coast to Coast 2.2

  Canadream 2.3

  compatible with C2C 2.2


 Hawk Inc.


 Go Falcons Go :-)