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What's new :

2018-02-09 Krone Trailers are comming to ETS as a new DLC

2018-01-27 Southern Region 6.5.2 is 1.30 ready - more at truck-sim.club (RUS language)
                  IMPORTANT !! This update is a fan update with problems with the Italy DLC. More here at the SCS Forum

2018-01-21 Update ETS Load Order Page - except for trailers that should be all for the moment

2018-01-15 Update ATS Load Order Page - Most Mods are avaiable on Steam so there will be no link list

2018-01-11 ATS Release Update 1.30


2017-12-26 Complete update of all pages are in progress.
                  I'll concentrate in the future on one profile for ETS / ATS with mostly standard trucks due to time management.
                  This means I have to gave up my promods profile but the load order page for promods remains as a working example.
                  Also modded trucks are drifted out of my focus so the subpage for them will be deleted.


2017-12-14 ETS Release DLC - Special Transport

2017-12-10 First ETS 1.30 Mod update : update Traffic and Trailer to 1.30 and will update it later when more mods are updated / released for 1.30

2017-12-05 ETS Release DLC - Italia and Promods 2.25

2017-12-01 ETS Release Update 1.30

2017-11-09 ATS Release of 1.29 and DLC - New Mexico

2017-10-08 updated Truck and Parts - new MAN TGA by Madster and checked / updated the version numbers of the other trucks
                      --> delete Viva Mexico 2.4 due to compatible issues with C2C // added Canadream 2.3 which is now updated for 1.28 and is compatible with C2C. // Maybe Viva Mexico will be added with 2.5 or later ...

2017-09-23 - updated Map List // added Scandinavia Addon for Promods by Chris94_Nor

2017-09-16 - update Load Order ETS and Traffic and Trailer // For the moment the 1.28 update is now complete.

2017-09-10 - update General Mods
                        --> added Real European Gas Stations
                        --> added Real Traffic Density by cipinho
                        --> delete Real Company from Tamriel 18 due to a conflict with Promods from his side
                        --> added 2 Trucks to Trucks and Parts
                   - new subpage Load Order ETS Promods

2017-09-05 - Promods 2.20 is released

2017-09-03 - updated Load Order ATS // Coast2Coast is running without problems but isn't updated to 1.28 // Viva Mexico is also not updated to 1.28 but isn't active because of the San Diego Crash Proplem.

2017-08-27 - updated General Mods --> added Universal Toponymy Packs
                  - updated subpage Maps --> added Paris rebuild and WIP Project Japan

2017-08-19 - updated subpages "Trucks and Parts" and "Traffic and Trailer". More Mod Infos are following when they are updated to 1.28
                  - Promods 2.18 (1.28) is released - just a compatibly update + updated subpages "Maps"

2017-08-18 - ATS & ETS 1.28 is live

2017-08-11 - ETS DLC Italy now confirmed

2017-08-05 - General Mods : added Realistic Building Lights by grimes
2017-07-30 - Delete Subpage "1.27 Snapshot" due to the upcomming update 1.28. The new lightning system requires mod updates

2017-07-26 - Start ETS 1.28 Open Beta

2017-07-20 - Start ATS 1.28 Open Beta

2017-07-12 - Update General Mods
2017-06-10 - Update "Maps : Joe (ATS)" + Load Order ATS
2017-05-25 - This page and an update of the 1.27 snapshot page